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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You have found the Frequently Asked Questions of the Beakon App. This is where we provide you with some answers to the questions this app may raise:


Why is this app in 'Beta status'?

  • Since the hardware for Beacons is very new, we have not been able to thouroughly test all functionality across all devices yet. Actually nobody has been able to do this ;)
  • Since the protocols for iBeacons are new, we have not tested all possible scenario's yet. You sir, are a guinea pig, and we love you for it.


Privacy: is my private data safe?

  • Even though we do realise the potential of it, we found it not suited to save any data that could be lead back to our users. Nor do we save your behaviour patterns.
    We do log numbers: how many people have downloaded the app and how many registered with their LinkedIn account. What Google and Apple save... who knows.
  • We use LinkedIn for the personal profiles. Invitations are sent via their system, not ours: we do not save any invitations. We have no saying in what LinkedIn does.
  • Your phone advertises itself with it's Linked-In id, this data is not saved on the server.
  • Data sent to the server and beacons is not secure, data sent on (open) WIFI networks is as vulnareble as the network is.


Bluetooth issues: iPhone

  • We've found that every once in a while the Bluetooth stack of the iPhone 4S fills up and crashes. This seems to resolve itself after a while. Apple did not publicaly document the errors we get, so we are unable to solve these issues.

Bluetooth issues: Android

  • The current Android version (4.4.4/KitKat) can not yet behave as a Beacon. Android phones are not visible in the 'people' list yet.


Considerations and learning so far

  • There is very little standardized about Beacons currently, living in the Wild Wild West here. Yeeeehaw!
  • Current devices are not yet ready for the impact that this technology has on your battery: be sure to quit the App when not using it.


The Beakon crew @ Unc Inc